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What is Bitcoin

What is Bitcoin? What is the cost of a bitcoin?

Every country in the world has its own name and value of currency. Wherever you go, you will get the name of the currency of that country, like the currency of India is Rupee and America's dollar.

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What is Webnar

What is a Webinar?

Webinar is happening in large numbers nowadays. Often we get to see posts on social media about various types of webinars, in which information is given about organizing a webinar by a company or person.

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What is Video Conferencing?

Video conferencing is being used in many places these days. This technology is gradually becoming popular and its usage has increased considerably. Even today many people do not know what video conferencing is, so let us know in detail about video conferencing.

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SOC means System On Cheap

What is SoC?

SoC is a term often associated with the name of the processor or chip. Nowadays a lot of smartphones, smart devices and gadgets have come, in which modern technology and new generation processors are being given.

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